Father & Son days

Under 13's have lessons for free

It is a sad fact that many families are now of the one parent variety, it is now more important than ever that dads and sons spend quality time together. If your boys are away at school or you see them only for brief holidays and weekends it can be hard to engage them when they just seem to want to spend time on computer games and only grunt at you in response to your overtures of doing "something" together.

Through my special dads and sons breaks I have seen such a difference in the way the kids respond to their fathers in just a few short hours fishing on the river. From a silent 20 minutes in the car to the water the return trip I have been told is full of excited chatter, joking and competitive banter, this seems to apply no matter the age of the kids. Not only that but it carries on through dinner and the kids can't wait to get back to the water the next day to see who can catch the most or the biggest fish. It would seem that fly fishing is a real ice breaker!

The benefits of fishing for young teenagers has been well proven through studies of boys who have been through the court system. Evidence shows there is a dramatic drop in re-offending by kids who have been taken fishing (in any of it's forms) than those who haven't, fishing encourages your kids to share things with you and is a great confidence booster. Co-ordination, concentration, and appreciation of the countryside are all added benefits. Most children learn really quickly and often become more skilful than the parents. It has been shown that children who go fishing get into less trouble with drugs and crime and even if they lose interest when the opposite sex proves more attractive, they will generally go back to it in later life.

Damsel fly fishing is in a unique position to enable you to get the most out of your time with your sons, I know that my regular fathers and sons come back because we offer a unique experience, where else can you stay and have everything taken care of, running Linthorpe B&B means we can cover all of your needs in one package. Once you arrive you have the comforts of home with quality home cooked food, large guest lounge and comfortable bedrooms, fishing venues and tackle provision all taken care of. All you have to do is book the dates you want and turn up.

I am fully trained in child protection issues, and have emergency first aid certificates too so that you can be confident your child is in capable hands.

Of course I do not limit these breaks just to fathers and sons, any combination of parent and child will benefit from these special breaks, I frequently have whole families fishing. Grown up sons and dads come for bonding breaks and with many siblings living in other countries it is a great way to combine a holiday and spend time together doing something different.

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