Salmon Spey Casting Tuition

New Video, Single Spey Casting Faults

Planning a trip to Scotland?. Get your Spey casting up to scratch before the start of the Salmon season. Why not make the most of your time away by getting to grips with the intricacies of Double handed Spey-casting lesson now, whilst none of your friends are watching! Many Ghillies though having invaluable knowledge of their own stretches of river are often stretched between lots of clients and don't have the time to offer one to one structured casting tuition.

A half day's Spey-casting lesson will cost you £95.00 and will give you a good guide to the different casts available to allow you to change the direction of your cast from downstream to across stream with minimum effort.

Don't struggle in front of your friends when you can enjoy your fishing and look the part too!

As an advanced female instructor I can guide you through the techniques required to enable you to cast off either bank and with up or downstream winds.

If you have the time and inclination I can teach you the sinuous Snake Roll, the snappy Snap T, the divine Double Spey, or the seductive Single Spey.

All have their own merits and all will help you to overcome some of the obstacles commonly encountered whilst salmon fishing.

Leave the overhead stuff for the beginners and get rolling with this great family of roll casts.

Speycasting Lessons come with all the tackle you need.

Why not come and stay in our comfortable B&B in South West Scotland? Click here Linthorpe B&B for more information.

Book now on 07740243269. Gift Vouchers are available.

speycasting lessons in scotland

Beautiful 8½lb cock fish from river Eden

spey casting lessons in dumfries and galloway

Spey Casting on the river Tay

spey casting tuition in scotland

10½lb Hen fish from the river Eden

spey casting tuition in dumfries and galloway

Wild brown trout from river Earn whilst salmon fishing

First Lady in the U.K. to pass AAPGAI Advanced Salmon Instructors Qualification

On the 31st of March 2006 I was in Kenmore to take my second attempt at passing this assessment. The standard is high and with a number of people failing their various tests before me I was very nervous.

spey casting lessons in scotland

Kenmore, Tayside, Scotland. venue for the 2006 AAPGAI assessments

I have practised long and hard for this test and have spent some time with the renowned Spey caster, Peter Anderson who helped me enormously.

spey casting tuition dumfries and galloway

Peter Anderson sharing some knowledge

Here in South West Scotland we have access to some good Salmon fishing, the season is normally September October & November. 2016 has also seen many more grilse appearing in our rivers from around May time with better sea trout runs too than of late. Learning to Spey cast with the possibility of catching fish too is always a bonus. Preparing in advance for a Salmon fishing trip either later in the year or on the way north to rivers with a good spring run means you can then concentrate on catching. A Spey casting lesson on our Dumfries and Galloway rivers is very cost effective, allowing you to get some good skills under your belt without paying the huge sums of some more northerly rivers. Many places like Norway use single handed trout rods for smaller rivers and grilse fishing, the Spey cast is enormously useful for many situations and its principles can easily be learned in a couple of hours, though to become expert can take many hours of practice, but it is great fun learning.

My qualification covers:-

All of these should be mastered with both left hand and right hand up so that it is possible to fish from both banks of a river with ease.

If you would like to take advantage of some pre fishing trip casting lessons, please feel free to email me or tel 07740243269. Charges for Spey casting tuition in 2015/16 are £95.00 per half day per person or £170.00 per full day.

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