Why Take Fly Casting Lessons

Private Tuition

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Many people like to learn new techniques in private without having an audience. I can take you to quiet locations, where there are very few people, half and full day lessons near Dalbeattie or further afield, just send me an email with your requirements and general location and I will contact you with some options.

Casting a fly line

Casting a fly line well is almost an art form. Seeing an expert controlling 25 metres of line with little effort and seeing it sail out straight and true with barely a whisper so that it lands as lightly as a feather on the surface of the water is like seeing magic.

The whole thing is governed by timing, feel, rhythm and controlled release of energy. A fine caster uses minimal effort and economy of movement, something I have studied long and hard.

Without good technique the fly fisherman is at a disadvantage. Most of us learn from a friend or relative and any inherent bad habits they have picked up are then passed on. By having tuition from a trained instructor those bad habits can be recognised and then worked on to eliminate them.

There are a number of very common problems in casting technique that can cause both pain and frustration to the unaware fisherman. Not only do they take away from the enjoyment of fishing but they also cut down on the catch rate.

Primarily is a lack of understanding of what the fly fishing tackle is designed to do and how to allow it to do its job. The amount of effort is often way above what is required and the fact that it is very hard to see what is going wrong whilst doing it makes it almost impossible to put right.

It is all very well reading the many good books available of fly casting, but they can't teach feel, timing, and rhythm.

As an Instructor I have been trained to recognise where the problems in a cast are and to formulate methods for each individual in order to put these problems right. I really enjoy seeing the pleasure a pupil gets when the effort is removed and the line flies out further and straighter than ever before.

If you or a friend or family member have problems controlling your cast, getting reasonable distance or suffer from arm, shoulder or neck pains please come to a qualified instructor. The cost is no greater than any other sports lesson such as tennis or golf coaching and the benefits will show almost immediately.

I aim to make lessons really good fun and informative as shownm by this client and his take on safety hats and glasses.

Please telephone now on 07740243269.

Safety Precautions

These should be adhered to at all times when fly fishing, these are for your protection and remember as an adult it is our responsibility to set a good example for our children.

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