Corporate or group fishing days

I have been running these at local trout fisheries for private and corporate clients. The Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire have been regular clients, this means I am used to dealing with a variety of clients from company directors to the absolute beginner or coarse fisherman wanting to learn fly fishing. If you are a member of a fishing club or syndicate and would like me to come to your venue for a day of tuition for your members please contact me. Past clients have had a great day and have asked me back to include more advanced techniques.There are so many useful casts that few people ever learn, many of which are designed specifically for rivers.

Many people think Spey casts are only ever used for Salmon fishing with double handed rods, this is most definitely not the case, a fish rising up stream from a fly which has already drifted downstream can quickly be replaced upstream using a variety of casts, most of which are based on the roll cast or spey cast. When fishing in constricted areas, where many people give up and try elsewhere there is almost certainly a cast to fit the situation. Some of my more memorable fish have been taken in places where the only way to get a fly to the rising fish was with a little spey cast under an overhang with either high banks or trees behind. The dry fly fished upstream is not restricted to overhead casting either, though it is easier to keep it dry for longer, but with a short roll cast followed by an overhead cast the fly can be dried and cast easily, the great advantage with this combination cast being that a longer line can be lifted into the roll cast and then using the advantage of more of the line out of the rod tip to shoot on the forward cast means fewer false casts with a reduction of spooked fish.

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